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I started these project pages so you can see some of the projects my customers
have made using my designs.
  If you have any pictures of projects you have done
using any of my designs, I would love to add them to these pages.

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Jean made this cute tree skirt (she
made 3 of them for her close friends) using DC-1022
(G is for Gingerbread).  Jean said in an email:   "Everyone
loves them.  I have many of your designs and love them."
Thanks, Jean!
Mary sent me this picture of an afghan
she made using some of my designs from various collections.
She said:  This is one of the afghans I did.  It is small, but
I think you can tell which designs I used.  Pictures never
do things justice."  Looks good to me,  Jean.  Thanks.!
Robyn sent me this picture a quilt
she made using  DC-1007 (Just For Baby). Robyn said:
"Carol, I just wanted to tell you thank you for your
wonderful designs.  They are my favorite ones that I have
found on the Internet.  I am enclosing a picture of a quilt
that I made for my Great-Niece Neveah ("heaven" spelled
backwards), using your designs. "
Thanks, Brenda -- it is lovely!
This picture of this cute dress was sent to me by Shirley.
Shirley said:  Carol, I thought maybe
you would like to see the Christmas dress I made for my 4
year old Grandaughter using the winter bears.  Actually I
made two.  I had to reduce the size a little for the 2 year
old.  Every one thought they turned out really cute."
(I think it is pretty cute, too, Shirley!


Lis sent me these 2 pictures.  She
said:  "I have included pictures of things sewed to my
first granchild.  I would like you to see.  Your designs are
so wonderful.  Thank you."

Thanks, Lis -- Glad you like them.

Pat from Arizona sent me these pictures.  She said:  Here are a couple of cards I have made in
the past with your designs.  The balloons and the package I had to scan a piture of them, so they are not so clear.'
Thanks, Pat -- they are really cute!

Muriel sent me this picture of this cute
blanket she
made.   Thanks, Muriel.  It is so cute. (I wished I
could show a bigger image of it.)

Maria from Mexico sent me this picture
& said: " I made many things with your designs, but I just have a
photo for this pajama that I made for one of my grand- daughters.  I
really love your designs."
Thanks, Maria -- they look so soft and snuggly!



The above 5 photos were sent to me by Nel .  Thanks, Nel.  They are all just darling.

Sandy sent in these pictures and in her email said:  "I love your designs.  They sew so wonderul. 
 I use them for my baby sets I make.  Her is two of them.  Thanks so much."
Thank you, Sandy, I'm glad you like them -- and the little baby sets are darling.

Jeanette  from Australia sent these pictures and in her email said:  "Love the ducks!!!!! 
Would love to see more of them.  Hope you like the projects."
Your projects  are very cute and thanks for sending me the pictures.

Tondi  from Clarksville, TN sent me the above 4 pictures of some items she made.  She said:  "Here is some
 projects I have done using your designs. I absolutely love using your designs because of the lack of all the jump stitches and
they come out so sweet looking. Everyone brags about my work and they all want me to sew something for them too! It is
really fun. Thank you for taking so much time to make your designs spectacular. Here are some of the pics of my baby raggy blankets!" 
Thanks, Tondi -- they are really sweet!

Meg from Michigan made the 2 quilts above.  She wrote:  "I was reading my Embroidery Billboard
e-mail tonight and saw your  letter re your 59th birthday .... Happy Birthday a little early!  Then, I went to your site because I
haven't been there for a while.  I was looking at some of the projects and thought I'd send a couple photos of the quilts I've made
using your designs.  I believe the first quilt I made with your baby designs was four years ago (the pink & white one.)  I've made
about five quilts with the same set of designs and they always turn out just beautifully!  You just do a great job!  Thanks for all your
hard work!"        Thanks so much for sending the pics, Meg.  The quilts are precious!

This page was first added November 6, 2002
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