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I started these project pages so you can see some of the projects my customers
have made using my designs.
  If you have any pictures of projects you have done
using any of my designs, I would love to add them to these pages.

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Dottie from Pennsylvania these two bibs
using designs from DC-1007 (Just For Baby).  Dottie sent an
email and said:   "I'm attaching pictures of 2 bibs I made for
my twin granddaughters when they were born.  I made a bunch
of other things for them and for other baby gifts, but only
took pictures of these.  Your designs are wonderful!"
Thanks, Dottie!
Brenda from Texas sent me these pictures of the 2 blankets above she made using DC-1001
(Angels I) and DC-1007 (Just For Baby).  Brenda said " ... I wanted you to see close up how well the designs
stitched out ... "          Thanks, Brenda!
Connie received this cute baby book as a gift from her daughter.  The book was made
with designs from  DC-1013 (Mitzie--The Mouse).  Isn't this a great idea!
Thanks, Connie for sharing the pictures with us!

Carol from Ohio sent me this
picture of a baby bib she made using the free design
from DC-1007 (Just For Baby).  Thanks, Carol

Delores sent me this picture
of this cute baby bib she made.
Thank you, Delores -- it is really cute!

Sandy sent me this picture and said:
 "I thought you might like to see what I have done with
your Snow Pal (DC-1019) designs.  These are for my 7
 grandchildren.  I think they turned out very cute.  I
love all your designs, they always stitch out great!  I
have several of your sets and I love them all.  Thanks. "

Thanks, Sandy.  I think the shirts are cute, too!  I hope
your grandchildren liked them. Did you take a picture of
your grandchildren with their shirts on?  If so, send it
and I will add it.

Jayne made this darling wreath!
 Isn't it precious.  Her email said:

"Carol, this wreath was done on two tone white fabric using
 the designs from Just for Baby 2 and Mitzie-the Mouse. I
really enjoy making wreaths using your designs and I am
working on another one and will let you know when I finish it.

I would like to thank you for your talent in making such
delightful designs. Jayne

I would be honored that you would add it to your project
page along with my other wreath.
 (See her other wreath on Projects Page 3)

I have gotten about 6 e-mails about my first wreath. As I
stated before I am working on another baby wreath using
your designs, but with other baby designs and also planning
on making one using your country charm designs."

Janis sent in these pictures.  Thank you, Janis -- they look lovely!

Melissa sent me the pictures above.  Her email said:  "My name is Melissa and I bought your Just
for Baby 1 and 2.  I sent you an email telling you that I am in a Library Storytime full of new mother's a while back and
wanted to do burp cloths with some of your designs. You also told me to send some photos when I had a chance. Well turns
out to be a really big hit, haven't stop giving gifts for boys or girls, twins and triplets also. I finally had a short break
and I have made an Advent Calendar for my son and I used one of your snowmen but changed the color to match the quilt.
Thank you for wonderful designs, my new slogan for me is "Stitching a memory that will last a lifetime." Whether being
friends of new parents or finally becoming an Aunt, I don't think that this feeling of kindness will ever go away.

Truly grateful for your kindness to spread the gift of embroidery"
Thanks so much for sharing your photos, Melissa.  They look very nice.

This page was first added November 6, 2002
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