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I started these project pages so you can see some of the projects my customers
have made using my designs.
  If you have any pictures of projects you have done
using any of my designs, I would love to add them to these pages.

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1007-vivi nielsen.jpg (10216 bytes) 1009-vivi nielsen.jpg (12380 bytes)
Vivi from Denmark made the two items above.  The design on the one on the left is from
DC-1007 (Just For Baby) and the design on the item on the right is from DC-1009 (You're An Angel).   Vivi says:
"I have used your designs on pillows for baby with their names on it, and all of their birth information, and I
have also used your designs on linens for baby, with their name and birthday, and also on some towels.   These
 are things I sell to people and they just love your designs.  I just want to let you know how much I use your
designs and how much joy I have with them."            Thank you, Vivi!
1020-jeanette malkin.jpg (26081 bytes)

Jeanette from England made this blanket for her daughter-in-law.  She used one of the designs from DC-1020 (Just For Baby II).  Jeanette said she is expecting her 7th grandchild on 4-13-03 and "I am now going to do one for her friend who is expecting her baby in 6 weeks time, and who thought your design was lovely."       Thanks, Jeanette.
1004-jayne johnson.jpg (363065 bytes)

Jayne from South Carolina made this cute wreath.  She used some of the designs from
DC-1004 (Bunnies I).  Jayne said ".. I really enjoyed making this wreath and plan on buying the Christmas
one and making another one ... Thank you for just
great designs."    Thanks, Jayne.
1004-mary maggiotto.jpg (75724 bytes) 1019-mary maggiotto.jpg (86184 bytes)
Mary from New York made the 2 wall-hangings shown above.  She used some of the designs from DC-1004 (Bunnies I) for the wall-hanging on the left and the SnowPals from DC-1019 for the one on the right.
Thanks for sharing the pictures, Mary.
1002-ardys lutter.jpg (620335 bytes) 1020-ardys lutter.jpg (109776 bytes)
Ardys from California the 2 quilts shown above.  She used some of the designs from DC-1002 (Teddy Bears I) for the quilt on the left and the designs from DC-1020 (Just For Baby II) for the one on the
right.   Ardys said:  "I am attaching a couple of pictures of quilts I made with your designs.  They look better in person.  I love your designs.  Thanks again."        Thanks you, Ardys.
1007-carol ann dousi.jpg (19224 bytes) 1016-carol ann dousi.JPG (602283 bytes)
The 2 pictures above are from Carol from NJ.    Carol used designs from the Just For Baby Collection (DC-1007) for the burp pads on the left and designs from Fritzie--The Mouse (DC-1016) for the bibs on the right.  Carol says: "The bibs are made out of finger tip towels.  I made the center with a pot pie pan.  They
come out perfect.  The little heads fit just right.  The burp bibs were made with the birds-eye regular diapers. 
The designs look so adorable.   They will be well used."         Thanks, Carol!
1007-karen binder.jpg (13710 bytes)

Karen from CA  sent me this picture of a baby quilt she made using designs from "Just For Baby" (DC-1007).  Karen says:  "Just wanted to share with you the silk quilt and pillow I made with your wonderful designs.  I think it is one of the nicest things I ever made, thanks to your designs.  Your designs stitch out beautifully and are truly fabulous.  I'm looking forward to creating more projects using Designs Sew Fine."
Thanks, Karen.
1013-yvonne durkos.jpg (259621 bytes)

Yvonne from CA  emailed me
this picture of the quilt she made using designs
from "Mitzie--The Mouse" (DC-1013), Just For Baby
(DC-1007) and Teddy Bears II (DC-1003).

Thanks, Yvonne.

The cute baby set to the left was made by Barbara from MA.    She used some of my designs from both baby collections (DC-1007 and DC-1021)on these items.

Barb wrote in an email to me:  "While I was browsing your site, I looked at the pictures of all the beautiful things your customers have made with your designs.  Well I just had to send you a picture of a baby set that I made for a baby shower.  It was the hit of the shower!  Your designs are just beautiful and stitch out perfectly.  I wish I could have every design of yours in my collection and hopefully in time I will!"

Thanks so much Barbara!  Your baby set is darling!

The baby bib above was made by Veronica from AL
-- the design is from "Just For Baby II" (DC-1021).

Thanks for sending me this photo, Veronica.

This cute pillow was made by Dale from NC.  The design is from "Angels I" (DC-1001).   Dale wrote in an email to me: "
I recently purchased your angel sampler and I wanted you to see how this pillow turned out.  This is the first one of I  4 pillows I made for 4 children whose mother died very suddenly at age 36.  The fabric is denim because their Mom always loved to wear jeans and there is a pocket on the back in case they want to put something special like a photo of their Mom in it.  After looking at hundreds of angel designs I chose this one because it seemed to capture her spirit best!  Your designs are all so lovely.  Keep up the good work!"

What a nice, thoughtful  idea, Dale.
Thanks so much for sharing this.

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