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I started these project pages so you can see some of the projects my customers
have made using my designs.
  If you have any pictures of projects you have done
using any of my designs, I would love to add them to these pages.

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1003-jimmyshotgun-1.jpg (26642 bytes)

1009-jimmyshotgun-3.jpg (30586 bytes)

1002-jimmyshotgun-4.jpg (21643 bytes)

1013-jimmyshotgun-2.jpg (24676 bytes)

The above 4 baby quilts were made by Jimmy & Nancy from MO.  They used Teddy Bears II (DC-1002),
Teddy Bears III (DC-1003), You're An Angel (DC-1009) and Mitzie--The Mouse (DC-1013) for these quilts.  They look so nice,
Jimmy & Nancy.  Jimmy says:   "Your designs are so nice and work up so pretty.  I've nearly quit using the Bernina cards.
Will keep watching for more."  Thanks, Jimmy & Nancy.

1022-donna swanson.jpg (43364 bytes)

Gingerbread Card made by Donna from NE
using one of the designs in the
"G is for Gingerbread" Collection

1022-Michelle Downin.jpg (30635 bytes)
This cute Gingerbread apron was made by Michelle from AZ   Michelle says: "This is an apron I  made for the teacher I work with using your "G Is For Gingerbread" designs. The children and staff at school thought it was really cute. Thanks for the nice designs."
Thanks, Michelle -- the apron is so cute!

1007-carol bull-1.jpg (49858 bytes)

The 2 pictures  are of a baby quilt made by Carol from OH
 using the Just For Baby Collection (DC-1007).  Carol says:
"Here are 2 pictures of a baby quilt I made using your
designs.  It was a big hat at the baby  shower where it
was given.   Your designs sew out beautifully!"

Thanks, Carol, for sending me the pictures and glad
you like the designs.

1007-carol bull-2.jpg (37182 bytes)

1022-Linda Putz-1.jpg (44583 bytes)

1022-Linda Putz-2.jpg (46570 bytes)

Linda from Pennsylvania made made these pillows using the "G is for Gingerbread collection (DC-1022).  Linda says:
"I just wanted you to see the pillows I embroidered for my daughter with your G is for Gingerbread designs.  She just loved them.
Thank you for your wonderful designs."      Thanks, Linda!

1013-marsha graf-1.jpg (58716 bytes)

1013-marsha graf-2.jpg (35512 bytes)

Marsha from Iowa made this baby quilt for
her God-Daughter's new baby using the "Mitzie--The Mouse"
collection (DC-1013). Marsha  says: "Here are photos of a
Mitzie Mouse quilt I made .... I have many of your designs and
use them often.  Thank you and keep up the good work."
Thank you, Marsha!


1017-1020-shirley hemler-1.jpg (34052 bytes)

Shirley from NY sent me these 2 pictures of some childrens' jackets and a bunting she made using the giraffe from "Just For Baby II" collection (DC-1020) and one of the penguins from "Penguins on Parade" (DC-1017) collection.  The design used on the bunting (picture on the right) is the free design on the Teddy Bears II collection (DC-1003).
Thanks for sending me these pictures, Shirley!

1003-free-shirley hemler-1.jpg (36988 bytes)

1007-carol ann dousi.jpg (19224 bytes)

1016-carol ann dousi.JPG (602283 bytes)

The 2 pictures above are from Carol from NJ.  Carol used designs from the Just For Baby Collection (DC-1007) for
the burp pads on the left and designs from Fritzie--The Mouse (DC-1016) for the bibs on the right..  Carol says: "The bibs are made out
of finger tip towels.  I made the center with a pot pie pan.  They come out perfect.  The little heads fit just right.  The burp bibs were
 made with the birds-eye regular diapers.  The designs look so adorable.   They will be well used."

Thanks, Carol!

1007-karen binder.jpg (13710 bytes)

1013-yvonne durkos.jpg (259621 bytes)

Karen from CA sent me this picture of a baby quilt she made using designs from "Just For Baby" (DC-1007).  Karen says:  "Just wanted to share with you the silk quilt and pillow I made with your wonderful designs.  I think it is one of
 the nicest things I ever made, thanks to your designs.  Your designs stitch out beautifully and are truly fabulous.  I'm looking forward to creating more projects using Designs Sew Fine."

Thanks, Karen

Yvonne from CA emailed me this picture of the
quilt she made using designs from "Mitzie--The Mouse" (DC-1013),
Just For Baby (DC-1007) and Teddy Bears II (DC-1003).

Thanks, Yvonne.

This page was first added November 6, 2002
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