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I started these project pages so you can see some of the projects my customers
have made using my designs.
  If you have any pictures of projects you have done
using any of my designs, I would love to add them to these pages.

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Pam from "Adorable Affordable Designs Mall" and Embroidery Billboard sent me
these pictures (santas on the left & snowman on top) from some projects she did with
designs from DC-1036 (Christmas 2006) and DC-1040 (Santas for Everyone) collections.

Pam added some buttons as accents (available at Walmart).  The snowman design was
stitched on fabric then attached using a reverse applique technique.  She removed the
bottom ribbing and then added a ban of snowman fabric to the bottom.  A second
snowman design is stitched on the back.

Lynn from Washington sent me this picture and said:  "Hi, Carol.  I just love the Fall/Winter í99  package and thought
I would share with you some of the pot holders I made. This package is very special to me since it is the first design
package I ever bought seven years ago. I had just purchased my first embroidery machine and knew nothing.  You were
so sweet in helping me and I am especially grateful that I picked your designs as my first because they sew out so
beautifully.  Just what a novice needed!  These are a lot of fun to make. I use water soluble thread to sew the oval,
cut the center out, turn inside out, and press. It gives a nice finished edge to insert and frame the embroidery." 
Thanks, Lynn.  What a good idea!
Sandy from NC sent me this picture of a bib she made
for her little granddaughter using one of the designs from
my Happy Little Faces (DC-1037) collection.  Sandy said:
"I am attaching a .jpg file of the cute design of yours that
I used to make my granddaughter a 1st birthday bib."

Thanks, Sandy.  Your little granddaugter is so
cute!  I love the bib, too.

Kathy from IL sent me this picture of the
cute stockings she made using designs from
my Fall/Winter '99 (DC-1011) and
Snow Pals (DC-1019).  She said:
"Carol, I'm sending you a picture of Christmas
stockings that I made for my son, daughter in law,
and grand daughter. Your designs sew out
beautifully. I knitted the stockings and
embroidered the designs on them. Thank you
for  your designs that are so much fun to

Thanks, Kathy.  Wow, you even knitted the
stockings!   I'm impressed.  They are darling.

Isabelle from IL sent me this picture of this
quilt she made using designs from
my Penguins On Parade (DC-1017)
collection.  I love the penguin border
that you used on the quilt, Isabelle.

Thanks for sharing this picture.

Jennifer from WI sent me this picture of a
cute quilt she made using designs from a few
different collections of mine.  Jennifer said:
" ... this is a flannel quilt I am making for my niece.
I still have to quilt it and bind it with the red satin.
I used 4 of your wonderful winter designs."

Thanks, Jennifer.  I would love to see
it "in person."  I'll bet it is lovely.


Leah from SC sent me this picture of the
burp cloths she made using designs from Just For Baby
) and Just For Baby II (DC-1020) collections.

 Leah said:  "I love to use your baby designs to make
burp rags for new babies. They stitch out so nice and
they turn out so cute.  Iíve attached a picture of some
 I recently made.  In the background is the matching
quilt I made to go with them.  Thanks for sharing
your talent with us."

Oh, Leah!  How cute.  The matching quilt is
so neat, too!  Thanks for sending me the picture.

Pat from AZ made these cards using designs from my Mitzie--the Mouse (DC-1013) designs.
Pat said:  "I always seem to go back to your early bear and mice designs and use  them on cards. Here
are some examples." Pat:  They are so sweet!  Thanks for sending them.

Alice from OK
sent me these pictures of some sweatshirts
she made using some of my designs from
"Frosty's Friends" (DC-1043).  Alice said:
"Attached please find some (pictures of)
sweatshirts that I made for a couple of
twins from your Frosty Friends. ...
Thanks! Love your designs."

Thanks, Alice, for sending the pics.
How cute!  Hope the twins liked them.

Cathy from SC sent me these pics of phot albums she
made using designs from "Fall/Winter 2000" (DC-1014) and "Christmas 2001
.  Cathy said:  "I just had to share my special Christmas Project
with you.  Attached are 2 pictures using your designs on small photo albums.
These were purchased from a craft store for only $1.00 each, but made
wonderful gifts.  I have even made these for baby showers...for mom &
grandma to be.  I used felt as my embroidery surface, with a cut-a-way
stabilizer and Sulky threads.  I used a permanent spray adhesive to glue
the embroidery to the the album cover.  Then added trimming to cover the
edges.  "These were very easy, fast, and stitched out well. Everyone loved
them!!  Thank you for such wonderful designs.  It was a pleasure to see
these stitch out. Looking foward to more of your beautiful work in 2007!!!

Thanks for sharing the pictures, Cathy. What a neat project!

Lisa from NY sent these pictures of some cute
pillows she made using a design from
 "Teddy Bears III" (DC-1003).  Lisa said:
 "Love your designs. They stitch out beautifully!"

Thanks, Lisa. Glad you like the designs
and your pillows are so pretty!

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