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I started these project pages so you can see some of the projects my customers
have made using my designs.
  If you have any pictures of projects you have done
using any of my designs, I would love to add them to these pages.

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1006-jerri stobinski.jpg (104113 bytes)
Jerri from OH made this Christmas
Tree shirt.  Isn't it beautiful!  She used 2 of my designs
from the Christmas '98 (DC-1006) collection on this project.
1013-free-melissa.jpg (65976 bytes)

Melissa sent me this picture
of a baby blanket she did using the free design
from Mitzie--The Mouse (DC-1013). 
It looks so soft and cuddly!
1019-carolyn wilkinson-1.jpg (22503 bytes) 1019-carolyn wilkinson-2.jpg (26323 bytes)
Carolyn from IN made this cute fleece jacket using my Snow Pals (DC-1019).  Isn't it just lovely -- I want one, too!
1022-pat olson.jpg (61287 bytes)
Patty from Utah did these dish
towels with some of the "G is for Gingerbread" (DC-1022)
designs.  Patty says:   "I sewed these on muslin patches so
they would not get lost in the plaid and I used Heat-n-Bond
and frames built into my Ellagro.  They turned out so cute!! 
Pic doesn't do justice."  I think they are darling!
1003-kaye hetu.jpg (159445 bytes)
Baby quilt made by Kaye from ME
 with  Teddy Bears II (DC-1003)
1019-linda couey-1.jpg (63892 bytes) 1019-linda couey-2.jpg (65343 bytes)

Another project with the "Snow Pals" (DC-1019) designs.  This cute shirt was made by Linda in GA

1007-connie breuer-2.jpg (39068 bytes) 1007-connie breuer-1.jpg (18578 bytes)
Connie from MI sent me these 2 pictures of projects
she did using "Just For Baby" (DC-1007) designs. 
Connie is 54 yrs. old and the Grandmother of 16 (and
another due in October 2002)!  Wow!  She says:
"All our babies, since I purchased these designs,
has used something with one of the designs on it,
and I can't even count all the new baby and shower
gifts I've given and sent using them.  They are
by far my most used, loved and raved over." 
Thanks, Connie.
1018-diana boward.jpg (24357 bytes)
Diana from IL sent me this picture.
 She says:  I really enjoy your designs.  I used the
gingerbread girl to make a Christmas dress for my granddaughter.  Turned out darling.  I also used it on the Christmas stocking I made her.  ... I must tell you that I have
been a fan of your work, and that the reason I bought the customizing system for my Viking is so that I could use your teddy bear designs.  I embroidered them on many items for
my first grandchild.  Thanks again for your work
and continuing to design more."  Thanks, Diana.
1020-jeanette pahira.jpg (33850 bytes)
Jeanette from NJ sent me this
picture of one of the sweaters she made using a design
from "Just For Baby II" (DC-1020).  She says:  "Also,
I have done the ducks & elephant.   All come out very
nice."    Thanks, Jeanette.
recblankets&burpcloths.jpg (73943 bytes)

Dena from WA sent me these
pictures of some burp cloths and receiving blankets she made using some of the designs from "Just For Baby" (DC-1007).
 Dena says:  "These were made for a co-worker of my
oldest daughter and were such a hit at the baby shower
that I had several people wanting to place orders.  I really
like this addition to your site.  It is inspirational to see
others creative projects."   Thanks, Dena.


This page was first added November 6, 2002
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